Wordpress and Nginx (bonus: Vagrant)

This post is about installing and configuring a Wordpress and serving it with Nginx. And a very plain introduction to Vagrant. Try to follow the tutorial step by step, and don't forget to comment! ;-) Vagrant First of all, we're going to use Vagrant. It's a tool to manage VirtualBoxes from command line. Install VirtualBox: https://www.virtualbox.org/ Install Vagrant: https://www.vagrantup.com/ Note: Archlinux users, shoud install net-tools to use Vagrant. Once you've installed VirtualBox and Vagrant, next step is creating a Vagrant file to configure our virtual machine: [Leer más]

Hosting for Wordpress

A good friend asked me some advice to host a new wordpress she needs. In these cases, I tend to DIY, but even if she deals with technology everyday, she's not a developer, and she didn't want to depend on me or other friends. At first I was surprised that she didn't want my help and she rather paid an external service. On a second thought, what she wanted is not only normal, but preferible. [Leer más]

Migrating from Wordpress to Ghost (the hard way)

Previously in Modus laborandi we learnt how to install and run a Ghost blog. This new post is about migrating the data manually, from Wordpress to Ghost. Assumptions You need to know very little about how to read a json file, some skills with find&replace; (vim macros will be useful), and patience :D I'm assuming that you have the wordpress in your own server, so you can access your images directly. [Leer más]

Migrar de domain.wordpress.com a domain.es

Hoy he tenido que realizar una tarea bastante sencilla pero que me ha costado un par de intentos por no tener claro qué tenía que hacer. El caso es que tengo un blog en http://dendarii.wordpress.com (dentro del servidor de Wordpress) que quería pasar a gestionar en mi servidor, bajo http://dendarii.es (en mi servidor privado). Por si alguna vez me vuelve a tocar algo similar, o por si resulta de utilidad para alguien, aquí dejo los pasos que he seguido: [Leer más]