Groovy 101 (III): Gradle, Travis and Jenkins

After my winter holidays, I come back with this self-learning process. My first idea was to learn to compile Groovy from command line: not a good idea. That's not its natural way and, as far as I have seen, the command line with Groovy is for simple scripts. That said, the next step is Gradle, a tool to build and manage applications. Gradle is a tool to help us creating applications. [Leer más]

Groovy 101 (II): Grape and tests with Spock

Second round! We have learnt how to create a simple program with Groovy, make some tests with jUnit, and integrate them with Travis. This is a short post to next iteration to add two elements: Grape (package manager) and Spock (framework for testing). Grape Grape allows us to manage packages inside our Groovy scripts. It's already installed with Groovy. It's very useful when we have a simple script or application and we have a dependency. [Leer más]

Groovy 101 (I): groovyCalc with tests and Travis-CI integration

The time has arrived; I cannot delay it more… I have to learn Groovy and Grails. In Kaleidos I've been moved to a new project developed with Grails so I need to be productive (ASAP! ^_^). But, I don't know Groovy. Even more, I don't know Java. And I think it would be useful to document my own process. That said, let's start in the beginning… Disclaimer Almost all the documentation I found for beginners assumes the student knows Java; most tutorials start with the differences between Groovy and Java. [Leer más]