Women Tech Makers 2017

Past saturday, I could attend to the Second edition of Women Tech Makers in Madrid, a conference that gives visibility to women in tech and encourages them to give talks in a welcoming environment.

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PyConES 2015 and a keynote: the power of a story

Back in february Juanlu offered me the chance of giving a keynote at PyConES 2015. After the initial shock, I said yes. Next morning, I realized what had happened, but it was too late for me to say no. And 9 months later I was giving the opening talk in PyConES. All of you, dear two or three readers, may guess my fears: I don't know what to tell, I don't know how to speak in front of an audience, I don't have anything interesting… and, of course, everyone will laugh at me so hard that I'll have to live in a cave for the rest of my life, huh? [Leer más]

London Clojure Bridge

At Kaleidos, I'm surrounded by people who is always studying new languages, new frameworks. Functional programming has been the new guy in our office. Haskell, Clojure or Fruskis (!) were at our table, and conversations. Even in our Kosdem, some colleagues brougth to the group the desire and convenience of enlarging our stack and offer also projects made in Clojure. Once or twice I peeked into some tutorial. Functional programming and monads were more than I could manage by myself. [Leer más]