GoogleOff (I): Geocaching and cgeo

Some time ago, I saw I had some important aspects depending on third party applications. Propietary applications in many cases, with some important data. For instance, Flickr (I have lost two accounts in Flickr after the integration with Yahoo), Dropbox, and, of course, Google: mail, calendar, contacts, my cell phone, location… Those companies owe us. Not to mention that those companies sell us to the first NSA greeting at their door. [Leer más]

ArchLinux, Android, MTP

Simple protip to connect new Androids to the computer, with the MTP (media transfer protocol).

  1. Install libmtp from official repositories
  2. Install siple-mtpfs from AUR repositories
  3. To use it, as a non-superuser:
    $ simple-mtpfs /path/to/mount
    $ cd /path/to/mount

It mounts device 0 in the indicated path. Enjoy!