This past week, I was completely absorbed by the PIWeek. This is the 8th edition, and we still feel motivated when starts the PIWeek. Participants are still exhausted after the 5 days, and of course, happy! All the even editions coincide (not by chance) with the anniversary of Kaleidos. Happy 4th b-day for all of us!!


You can check pictures and interviews (in spanish) in our Piweek tumblr.

This year, I made a team with awsome colleages: Pablo (@pabloalba), Miguel (@mgdelacroix), Laura (@laurapareja), and me fromed the team ZOMBIE TIME!.

Zombie time! is a multiplayer game, based on the rules of different boardgames. The protagonists are the survivors trying to achive collaborative missions, while fighting the zombies. As it was our game, Laura made caricatures of ourselves to be the survivors, the heroes!!!

I joined the team without knowing too much about the rules or the idea, but soon I was contributing with the domain model, and creating the base data. On wednesday I moved to the front team where I took lots of iocaine doses: jade templates, Sass and ES6, tools that I hadn't used before. I learned a lot! But most important, I really enjoyed building something so fast, with this great team.

Following one of the rules of Piweek, the code (don't read it! it was an hectic week ;-)) is available in in github, both front and back projects.

As it happens during PIWeek, we almost didn't sleep, but we laughed so much that it was worth.

We presented 13 projects of all kinds: a collection of minerals, a sharing-ideas platform to empower the citicens, the definitive platform for prototyping, an attempt to solve a mathematical problem (next time!), a platform to share 3d models, more video games, and much much more… and open source!!

Piweek is an awsome event in Kaleidos, and we are glad to have with us some colleagues from other companies or cities. Innovation is in the air!!

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