PyDay Galicia 2017

Last weekend I went to Vigo to attend the Second PyDay Galicia, a friendly and well organized Python event. It was located in the Contemporary Art Museum, where we had good rooms to enjoy the talks.

After the first edition, they went bigger, enlarging 3 times the number of attendees. There were two tracks: a basic and a professional one; both were packed all the day, which was a very good sign. I enjoyed the talks, and I’d like to highlight a couple of them:

  • OpenCV con Python, in the professional track, where Ricardo Samaniego showed us different demos about the possibilities of OpenCV. It was very interesting and ilustrative about the power of OpenCV.
  • Dónde está mi ñ., in the introductory track, where Miguel González told us about the lights and shadows of the different encodings, starting in the famous Morse code, until the birthing of Unicode. It was an amazing talk, and I really wish we can see it more times.

Besides, I had the opportunity of sharing the talk Cicerón y las comunidades tecnológicas, where I go through the “virtues” that the philosopher left us. I tried to think about what are the virtues that a XXI century tech community should have. As far as I can say, the talk had a very good reception.

Finally, I’d like to thank the organizers for creating this event, and I hope we’ll see more PyDays in Galicia.

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