Hosting for Wordpress

A good friend asked me some advice to host a new wordpress she needs. In these cases, I tend to DIY, but even if she deals with technology everyday, she's not a developer, and she didn't want to depend on me or other friends. At first I was surprised that she didn't want my help and she rather paid an external service. On a second thought, what she wanted is not only normal, but preferible. So my help was to make a research through the options.

Some people asked me the conclusions, and they may be interesting, so here they are.

First of all, I'd like to thank to all people that answered me in twitter, it was really helpful! I finally ended with a list of 10 providers.


My conclusions

I'm aware that the research was less than exhaustive, because my friend is not facing a very complicated web, so she needs something mostly easy and cheap. But through search, some thoughts came in my mind:

  • Technological language should be next to the “human translation”. For me, it wasn't obvious what were the OpenShift gears, so I think it's normal that other person feels lost with this.
  • I don't understand the difference between prices. Ok, I can guess the reasons, but they are not obvious in the web. Why pay 25$ for a service virtually equal to another that costs 8$?
  • I found very few information about backups: do you have 1-click restore? can I have my own backups?
  • Godaddy, you really should focus on your current users, they need attention. And they need a good service.

If you know another provider, or you'd like to improve this comparison, I'd love to read it in the comments :)

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