EuroPython 2015

This past week I attended EuroPython 2015 in Bilbao. A whole week of talks, workshops and social events around the Python ecosystem. I enjoyed the conference, learned a bunch of new things, taught a few of them, and mostly, laughed and shared with other pythonistas.



On monday, I participated in the awesome DjangoGirls as a coach!


It was a great experience to go through this amazing tutorial (seriously, this is good stuff) with Caroline, Kelly and María. They three learnt a lot, and soon they were helping each other if I was busy. I feel so proud of my group. **You rock ladies! **. You can read this retrospective written by Mikey Ariel (@thatdocslady).

My talks

I gave two talks (YAY!); in fact, it was the same talk in english and spanish. I was preparing both for quite a long time, practicing my english pronunciation (this didn't finish exactly as a success) as well as improving the content. I had good questions and a very good feedback, so for me it was a good experience. The two versions of the talk, in english and spanish.

The conference

I also attended lots of talks, with different levels. Because this is my blog, I'm highlighting these talks:

But for the first time, I spent part of my time out of the rooms, talking with people, helping them when I could or being taught (thanks for this, Jesús).

The organization

The organization worked really well:

  • the venue (Palacio Euslakduna) was a very nice and confortable place
  • the food could be better (there is a max amount of croquettes that any human can eat!)
  • the schedule was strictly followed, which is very important
  • the talks were streamed and recorded
  • the sponsors were instrusive (how not!) but not as much as I was expecting

So, as a conclusion: it was a very good conference; I'm very grateful for all the time shared with the colleagues of ticketeaeng, [eFrontiers]( target=), Doraly, Cyn, Alex, Alejandro, Jesús, and many others!!

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