Data Journalism day in Medialab Prado

This past saturday I attended the conference Jornada de herramientas cartográficas. Mapas de elecciones in Medialab Prado. It was a conference to show cartographic (and open!) tools to those who are intersted in data visualization with maps.

During the conference they enabled a titanpad to add more resources.

First session was a large introduction by Santiago Higuera to the communities of GeoInquietos (people intersted in cartography and data visualization). Here you can see the presentation.

Next session by Jorge Sanz was about the huge amount of open source software for GIS and data visualization. Very exhaustive in my opinion, but here you can see the presentation with lots of resources.

In the third talk, Daniele Grasso, journalist in El Confidencial, talked us about Maps and Data Journalism.

Forth session, by Adrián Blanco was a quick tutorial about how to create a map with leaflet.js. Very simple and too quick; I'd have appreciated to have a longer workshop.

In the afternoon, Graeme Herbert talked to us about simulations of elections with maps. Also a quick workshop with qgis and a talk about customization of an old friend, CartoDB.

Finally, Carlos Gil Bellosta gave us a talk titled “About an antropocentric cartography”. A very interesting approach to cartography as a user: does cartography need to be accurate to be good? And then Beatriz Martínez gave as a quick tutorial about how to build maps with RStudio.

Conclusion: good talks, speakers who really knew their topic, so they could answer many questions, the environment was informal and nice. In my opinion, the conference was a bit too ambitious, so we could barely taste the tools we were using; workshops need to be longer. Besides, the organizers weren't stricts with the schedule so the last talk was hectic. That said, I really enjoyed the conference; the best thing was the amount of resources that I could gather. I'll try something with maps in my next Piweek.

From a gender point of view:

  • speakers: male 8 / female 3
  • attendees: in the morning, cleary more women than men; and in the afternoon there was a more equal distribution.
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