IX PIWEEK: monitoring with ELK (I)

Yesterday started the Piweek IX, 9 times showing what a small company can do about innovation. Twice a year. You can follow us on twitter. For this edition, I left aside my tradicional taste for Arduino and wanted to try a well known technology for monitorization (ELK). And I was very happy to know that my colleague Alex wanted to be part of the experiment. As usual, I'm trying to build some useful information out from my learning process, so here you have a serie of posts about how to run ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana). [Leer más]

PyConES 2015 and a keynote: the power of a story

Back in february Juanlu offered me the chance of giving a keynote at PyConES 2015. After the initial shock, I said yes. Next morning, I realized what had happened, but it was too late for me to say no. And 9 months later I was giving the opening talk in PyConES. All of you, dear two or three readers, may guess my fears: I don't know what to tell, I don't know how to speak in front of an audience, I don't have anything interesting… and, of course, everyone will laugh at me so hard that I'll have to live in a cave for the rest of my life, huh? [Leer más]

PyConES 2015: DjangoGirls Postmortem

In this post you can read about the DjangoGirls workshop in last PyConES. I would also like to share some thoughts about the organizing process, which maybe can be useful for potential DjangoGirls organizers. TL;DR: organizing this workshop took some time, but the amount of resources already made by the DjangoGirls community is just huge and very well prepared. If you're thinking in organizing a DjangoGirls workshop, don't hesitate: existing resources and the active community will help you anytime. [Leer más]

PyConES 2015: DjangoGirls workshop

Last november 20th in Valencia, an amazing DjangoGirls took place. It was the first day of PyConES and I don't think it could have started better. After three months of organization, all students and coaches were finally meeting in person at the UPV early in the morning expecting a great day. All our expectations were clearly surpassed :) We had 20 students and 9 coaches. The past week each team had a teleconference to prepare the installation, so we weren't complete strangers. [Leer más]

Data Journalism day in Medialab Prado

This past saturday I attended the conference Jornada de herramientas cartográficas. Mapas de elecciones in Medialab Prado. It was a conference to show cartographic (and open!) tools to those who are intersted in data visualization with maps. During the conference they enabled a titanpad to add more resources. First session was a large introduction by Santiago Higuera to the communities of GeoInquietos (people intersted in cartography and data visualization). Here you can see the presentation. [Leer más]

Why you should give a talk

I sent this email to my dearest @Pyladies_Es and they liked it. I hope you like it also :) The original version is in spanish, and at the end, you'll find a translation :D ¿Por qué os tenéis que animar a dar una charla? Aparte, dar charlas es una de las formas en que colaboramos con la buena salud de la comunidad. Hemos aprendido mucho y es justo también enseñar a otros. [Leer más]

Publish your GPX with Mapbox

Following my learning about maps as a service, I've tried also Mapbox with the same very simple approach: share a GPX shown in a map, an in a nice way. After the little tutorial I'll write some impressions comparing both systems. Assumptions You need an account in Mapbox. You know how to track your own routes and know what's a .gpx file. Create the map Download the .gpx in your computer In Mapbox, go to “Projects” and click in “+ New project” (blue button). [Leer más]

Publish your GPX with CartoDB

I like go hiking and I usually track the route. Not so long ago, the only way to share and embed this tracks (.gpx) was to convert them to .kml format and publish in Google Maps. Today I've tried to publish my last route with CartoDB and I'm very happy with the result. This is a simple recipe to share a .gpx route and embed in your own website. Assumptions You need an account in CartoDB. [Leer más]

Hosting for Wordpress

A good friend asked me some advice to host a new wordpress she needs. In these cases, I tend to DIY, but even if she deals with technology everyday, she's not a developer, and she didn't want to depend on me or other friends. At first I was surprised that she didn't want my help and she rather paid an external service. On a second thought, what she wanted is not only normal, but preferible. [Leer más]