Swarm 101 - Manage services

Second post of the tutorial Swarm for beginners. This post will cover the creation of services, update them in different ways, inspecting them, publishing ports and removing the services. Now, what’s a service?

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Gitlab CI 101

This post is a tutorial for beginners, to start with continuous integration of Gitlab, GitlabCI, in a project with Docker. The main goal is understand the different pieces that take part in the process, and be able to automate some tasks during the development of your application.

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PyDay Galicia 2017

Last weekend I went to Vigo to attend the Second PyDay Galicia, a friendly and well organized Python event. It was located in the Contemporary Art Museum, where we had good rooms to enjoy the talks. After the first edition, they went bigger, enlarging 3 times the number of attendees. There were two tracks: a basic and a professional one; both were packed all the day, which was a very good sign. [Leer más]

Wordpress and Nginx (bonus: Vagrant)

This post is about installing and configuring a Wordpress and serving it with Nginx. And a very plain introduction to Vagrant. Try to follow the tutorial step by step, and don’t forget to comment! ;-) Vagrant First of all, we’re going to use Vagrant. It’s a tool to manage VirtualBoxes from command line. Install VirtualBox: https://www.virtualbox.org/ Install Vagrant: https://www.vagrantup.com/ Note: Archlinux users, shoud install net-tools to use Vagrant. [Leer más]